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Support and Maintenance

"Cleaning and updating is critical to good database management, as well as being a legal obligation"

Kantala can provide ongoing support and maintenance to that most crucial of assets - your database system. A support contract provides peace of mind and reassurance that any problems or issues can be resolved quickly, and also ensures that any further ‘incremental’ developments are implemented at a reduced cost. By utilizing remote access methods, additional development and support can be provided quickly and easily to all users of the database system. Support clients are given priority in Kantala’s work schedule.

Types of Support

Remote Support
Support can be provided by telephone, email and/or screen sharing. Many database related issues and "How do I ...?" questions can be dealt with using these methods. If it is not possible to achieve an acceptable solution using these support methods, an on-site visit can be scheduled. Upgrades or development to your system can be performed off-site and the finished copy installed via remote access methods, ensuring minimal downtime and cost.

On-Site Support
For more complex support issues, or for configuration tasks that cannot be performed remotely, on-site visits can be scheduled. Any and all support issues can be dealt with on-site.

Support and Maintenance are provided on the basis of a quarterly contract. At the end of each quarterly period, a detailed report of service usage will be provided. This report will itemise each support incident so that you can have an accurate picture of how you used the service over the previous three months.

Please contact us for more information on our support services.