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Bespoke Development

"The primary uses of databases are customer retention and customer acquisition"

It is natural, when thinking about software to help you manage an area of your business, to try to find an ‘off-the-shelf’ product that will do the job.

If your requirements are basic, and you don’t mind changing how you work to fit the software, then this may be the best way to proceed.  However, many businesses find, often after considerable time and effort, that off-the-shelf products are ‘generalist’ in their approach, and don’t do everything that is required.  They also find that their working methods have to be adapted in order to fit the dictates of the software.

At Kantala, we know that every business is unique, even in niche industries.  That’s why we take the time to:

  • BUILD a relationship with you
  • DISCOVER the way you work on a macro and micro level
  • DESIGN a solution that fits your needs

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