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Case Study - Conversion

When a large multinational organisation needed to upgrade their IT systems, they realised that this would be a good time to move their 50+ Filemaker 6 databases to a newer version. However, they soon discovered that a multi-file solution will not (necessarily) convert easily, particularly one that has been developed incrementally over a number of years. Many files did not convert at all, and those that did had myriad issues. It was at this point that Kantala were contracted to diagnose the problems, remedy them and convert the files.

We were happy to oblige! A short time later we presented the client with:

  • a report on the issues encountered
  • the steps taken to remedy the issues
  • a breakdown of other less 'critical' issues we discovered (and suggestions on what should be done about them)
  • the converted (and working) database files

We then liaised with the IT department to transfer all 'live' data from the old system to the new, over a weekend to minimise downtime. On-site first thing on the Monday morning, we configured and optimised the dedicated server, and installed the new files.

The rollout of the new system was virtually seemless, ensuring a smooth transition for users.


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