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Case Study - Photographer

A London based Fine Art Photographer needed an easy way to track his photos and record the series, editions and number of prints made of each image.

Kantala developed a fully featured solution that fulfilled all of these requirements and more. Some of the features are:

  • import* a single image or whole folder, capturing file name, location, file size and EXIF data
  • classify images into a Series
  • create Editions based on a Series, in as many permutations as required
  • record Print numbers for an Edition (including printed and not yet printed)
  • log transaction details of Print sales
  • produce sales paperwork including 'Certificates of Authenticity'
  • run reports including an 'Available Prints List' which can be uploaded to a website or sent to galleries around the world
  • sync Contacts with the Apple 'Address Book' application

Proposed updates will allow selected galleries restricted access from the web to check availability on a dynamic basis, further reducing the workload on the users.





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