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Case Study - Footage Archive

A London based footage archive facility needed a solution to manage the collections of a number of multi-national organisations.

Kantala were contracted to develop a management system that would also allow searching of the archives by the general public over the internet.

A solution was built that allows staff to:

  • Catalog all footage

  • Generate bar code labels for each footage tape

  • Track the location of each tape using the bar code

  • Store detailed information on the footage (format, duration, shotlist, recording location, producer etc)

  • Search for footage meeting detailed criteria, using Boolean operators of required

  • Create licenses and invoices in Microsoft Word format to clients wishing to purchase footage

The solution allows the general public to:
  • Search the archive via the internet, using detailed criteria and Boolean operators

  • See limited details of the footage tapes and contact staff for further assistance

In addition, clients who store their archive with the facility can log in and edit details of the footage on-line.

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