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Case Study - Television Production Company

A Los Angeles based television production company needed a way of logging footage recorded on location for a large project they were undertaking.  Originally asked to help with an in-house database setup to manage the data, Kantala were quickly contracted to redesign and develop a solution from the ground up.

The requirements were complicated - as well as recording all the information associated with the footage tapes (dates, location, format, producer etc), the solution also had to catalog individual sections of footage, complete with timecodes, content category and brief description.  Finally, the solution had to be able to generate detailed edit lists that could be interfaced with the company’s AVID editing software.

As well as database design skills, this project required detailed technical knowledge, not only of software file formats, but also of television terminology and working practices.

"I needed a well designed, flexible and easy to use database to manage a large amount of video content for television broadcast. My experience with Kantala was exceptional. Their communication was excellent, they worked very fast, they also had detailed knowledge of specific issues pertaining to my needs such as dealing with time code and exporting files that can understood by our editing software. At first I was hesitant to work with a company located 6,000 miles away from my location on such a detailed and idiosyncratic project but the distance didn't matter. Their communication was so good I never even had to pick up the phone, we did it all through email. They always understood my needs and executed changes quickly, sometimes in a matter of hours. For the price, the ease of working with them and the quality of the product, I couldn't be more pleased. Kantala get my highest recommendation." - Post Production Supervisor (full contact details available on request).

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